Top 10 summer rental cars in Cluj

2024-06-01 14:39:17 Author: Alfa Rent a Car
Top 10 summer rental cars in Cluj

The summer of 2021 is expected to be filled with unique tourist and professional experiences. Romanians can't wait to hit the road and rediscover the country. Tourist clothes are extremely attractive, especially if the destinations compete in beauty. Summer trips have a special character because they involve sunny stops in the mountains and at the sea. The touristic possibilities coincide with the summer vacations, which means free time and fun.

Romania is a surprising country, especially at the end of a complicated pandemic, with many problems and unanswered questions answers. Tourism remained in the background. Romanians have always wanted to discover cool places, with captivating stories and interesting people. Most of the time, when they have enough free time at their disposal, they go on the road with pleasure. Some use their personal cars and others the rented ones. If you are among those who choose to rent machines, then you must collaborate with serious companies, capable of providing support at every stage of the process.

Car dynamics of the city of Cluj Napoca and smart car rental options

Choosing a car to rent for a certain period of time involves a serious analysis of the available options. You cannot opt for the first offer you find online, especially if you want to enjoy every moment of your trip. What should you consider when are you looking for a rent a car company in Cluj? Let's see what customers say ours but also people interested in the car rental service in the online environment:

1. Car availability

In such a dynamic present, with various requests and people who want to travel in specific ways, the rent a car companies are forced to disband car fleets with many cars. The latter will successfully respond to the needs of customers (old and new). A customer who does not know what type of car he wants to rent but has a certain class in mind, will appreciate the availability of a variety of cars.

2. Seriousness and dedicated professionalism

Every year, the car rental industry grows, especially in big cities. Cluj Napoca knows a significant increase in the number of rental companies cars. We are not surprised. There are companies with two or three machines that want to grow in the field and become reliable partners for customers from all over Europe. Very good! Competitiveness COME unique transport solutions. Serious companies with professionals in the field will remain in the interest of people who often rent cars. If you manage to provide a quality service, then there are good chances to turn a new customer into a loyal one.

3. Cars from respectable manufacturers

The quality of cars is very important for customers. We know this and we are working hard to develop a fresh car park with models from renowned manufacturers. Customers do not want to be disappointed in the middle of the trip, somewhere far from sources of help. Also, the rental companies in Cluj, and not only, do everything they can to provide access to the best possible cars. Alfa rent a car's objective is clear: to provide clients with access to efficient and safe means of transport. Most of the time, Afla customers are satisfied with the quality of the cars, which they use with great pleasure on the streets Romania.

4. Feedback clients and anchor in reality

Reviews are extremely important in choosing a service and/or product. New customers want to learn from old customers how a rental company works their fulfills the task of delivering quality services. Today, most rental companies Romanians invest time in the development of testimonial sections. These become reference points for new customers. They realize much more easily if the company they are interested in can be of real help. Do you take into account the reviews? Sure. Alfa rent a car puts the customer's needs first and tries to get their feedback at the end collaborations.
Top 10 summer rental cars in Cluj Napoca

Every summer, Romanians choose to travel through Transylvania and discover its tourist and business secrets. We know how important it is for them to rent good cars to use free detentions wherever they need. Alfa rent a car Cluj can pleasantly surprise you this summer with cars suitable for comfortable trips. Our company try to ensure that each car is suitable for the road you are about to undertake. Through car diversity and technical and aesthetic quality, Alfa awaits you with good cars for unforgettable roads!

To make your work a little easier, we thought of making a top 10, which includes cars from Alfa rent in Cluj office. These cars were chosen for their extraordinary features to ensure comfort, safety, space and peace on the road, regardless of the distance. Do you want to discover them? You have be patient with us and read with confidence line next !

1 Ford Kuga SUV

Each top 10 starts with a first recommendation, and in our case, the car sets the tone for the traveling waltz. Practical, compact and reliable, the Ford Kuga is suitable for families. We know that space is essential when dealing with children. They must be safe and available space for additional comfort.

More than so, the trunk plays a defining role in ensuring the extra quality of the trip. This model can surprise you with a spacious trunk, where you can easily put small and large luggage. The car is ideal for families preparing for vacations in the mountains or at the sea. We cordially invite you to test the Ford Kuga and discover wonderful areas in a pleasant way !

2 BMW 5 Series car

Every couple appreciates a car sexy, strong and with personality. The BMW 5 Series car whets the appetite for trips with vibrant style. You can use it without reservations to roam with pleasure Moldova, Transylvania, Dobrogea, Romanian Country, Crisana, Maramures or Bucovina.

As tourists, the old names of the historical provinces become more attractive than ever. Style, elegance and an automotive pulse that stands out, the 5 Series from BMW remains a favorite of Romanians. The car has power and an elegant touch, hard to achieve by other models. Why not use it to travel in style wherever you want ?

3 Minibus with 7 seats Opel Zafira

A group trip through the country begins with many discussions and, sometimes, even differences of opinion. From the choice of accommodation to the ideal route to the destination, things can change many times. However, one element remains central to the trip : access to a spacious minibus, capable of providing 7 seats for the group members.

We recommend you to discover a few things about the Opel Zafira minibus. Why? It can be used with confidence to properly "conquer" the country's roads. Together, the journey yours takes shape and leaves room for unforgettable emotions to write priceless memories. Space, comfort and safety. What more do you want from a minibus? Good price? Sure! it find with us!

4 Skoda Superb premium limousine

Would n't you like to drive the Skoda Superb? This car is suitable for business people with big ideas in Cluj Napoca and beyond. The limousine adds character to every trip undertaken through the economic capital of Transylvania. Take the opportunity to easily rent a Skoda Superb in Cluj Napoca! We believe that this model deserves the attention of business people from Cluj and beyond. You have the opportunity to move from one business to another, with style and pleasure. Contact us anytime you want to discover the sublime features of the Superb model!

5 VW Tiguan and we set off!

The summer of 2021 promises to be suitable for free spirits, eager for adventures and experiences picturesque The VW Tiguan can be the perfect SUV for mountain vacations with the family. The car is perfect for the driver and passengers. They can enjoy space, comfort, safety and peace. Every road becomes a pleasure ! The car has manual transmission and air conditioning, for thermal stability no matter how hot it is outside. You can rent a VW Tiguan from Cluj Napoca for fun trips to the Black Sea! Fun is calling !

6 VW Golf 7 and the journey you start!

Every time we think of an unforgettable summer trip through Romania, many interesting cars to drive come to mind, but one always stands out: the VW Golf 7. It can be driven through the country's villages and cities, ensuring comfort, safety and peace of mind for passengers. The driver feels a car produced to impress and the entire park the car experience becomes a special pleasure. This car promises to delight you at every moment of the road. In a characteristic way, Golf 7 remains one of the customers' favorites. Are surprised ? We think not!

7 Travel through Romania with Audi A4! audi a4 car rentals Cluj

Most of the time, Romanians have a few favorite cars that they want to drive if they have the opportunity. Faced with the situation of renting a car, they sometimes tend to follow their passion. They choose with their heart, in the hope that they will discover the joy of unforgettable journeys. The Audi A4 car belongs to the category of models that can be rented with confidence for sublime roads.

Even if Romania lacks highways or roads like in Western Europe, we have quality cars that delight whenever they are taken out of the parking lot. A4 always managed to remain in the preferences Romanian drivers. A stable, comfortable and spacious car, the A4 is in high demand among those who use rental services !

8 Try the Nissan Qashqai this summer!

Do you know how easy it can be to rent a car from us? We know that most companies brag about their online reservation system, but at Alfa Rent -a-car everything happens by itself. No stress or questions LEFT free answer, the car reservation process from us takes only a few minutes. We want you to hit the road without wasting time. What opinion do you have about the Nissan Qashqai ? Hmm, the car can be the ideal transport solution for summer trips to the mountains or the sea. We are ready to delight you with a reliable means of transport !

9 Choose VW Touareg in Cluj Napoca!

Traveling through the country deserves to be undertaken at the wheel of a special car, designed to ensure safety and comfort. For this reason, we thought of recommending you to try it this summer VW Touareg car. It is built for people who love car comfort and elegance. The SUV is built for happy travels. They need good and comfortable cars, optimal for unforgettable memories!

10 Small but strong, Ford Fiesta ford fiesta car rentals Cluj

Are you looking for a small but fast car ? Of course you have thinking of the Ford Fiesta, an extremely popular car among those who opt for single trips. The car, although small, is ideal for urban experiences. He can successfully sneak through the traffic of the big cities in Romania and does not disappoint. The parking lots are much easier to manage and it seems that every road through the city becomes a pleasure. Most of the people who drove the Ford Fiesta managed to enjoy pleasant car experiences, which is extraordinary. Why not take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy pleasant urban moments with a powerful and small car?

Any trip it starts with careful planning and thorough documentation. You cannot enter the Romanian tourist circuit without a plan. In this way, you risk losing all kinds of unique opportunities to discover the country's tourist gifts. Fortunately, the internet has become a traveller's best friend. They can use it anytime smartphones to access many websites and tourist applications, designed to transform any trip in a resounding success. Have you decided to rediscover Romania this summer?

whenever you need a rental car, which you can use with confidence on the streets Romania this summer, trust our services ! We have a diverse car park, which includes many cars, which " proudly " wear the logos of renowned manufacturers. At the same time, enjoy an extremely easy and intuitive online booking system.

In just a few minutes, you reserved the desired car and we take care that it is clean and suitable for the road. Rent a car from Alfa rent -a-car in Cluj Napoca and hit the road with enthusiasm and peace of mind ! Put us to the test and comfortably explore the most beautiful Romanian areas !


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