The most forgotten items in rental cars

2024-02-15 09:13:20 Author: Alfa Rent a Car
The most forgotten items in rental cars

The most forgotten items in rental cars

If you used a Rent a Car Cluj Airport service and forgot something in the rental car while you were rushing to get to your destination, you are not the first to do this, and, take our word for it, we will do our best to get your things back as soon as possible.
Before getting on the plane, contact the car rental agent again to make sure you have taken everything from the rental car. But if you are already over 10.000 meters above the ground, give us a call as soon as you land.

Over the years our Alfa Rent a Car Cluj company had to deal with more or less forgetful clients. Relationships of mutual respect are built on the basis of trust, that's why our agents are trained to check the car once more after the customer's departure.

Glasses are at the top of the list of things forgotten in cars, be it eyeglasses or sunglasses. Not only adults are forgetful, but also children, so over time we managed to gather an impressive collection of toy cars, teddy bears and dolls.

The most unfortunate cases are those in which rent a car customers forget their phone, wallet, passport, plane tickets or house keys in the car.

How to proceed when you remember the items you left in the car when you called a Cluj car rental service from the airport?

1. Contact the car rental agent who took over the car;

2. Make sure you give the agent all the information about the forgotten object;

3. Tell him the place where you forgot that object (this in case you remember);

4. Leave your contact details (phone number and address where you want us to return your things).



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