Seat unveiled the new Leon 2025 model

2024-05-09 11:28:38 Author: Alfa Rent a Car
Seat unveiled the new Leon 2025 model

In the automotive world, each new model is a story waiting to be written and the Alfa Rent a Car Cluj office announces that the story of the new Seat Leon 2025 is an exciting one, designed to redefine the standards in its segment. With its outstanding elegance and performance, the new Seat Leon represents a decisive step forward for the Seat brand, which is committed to providing an exceptional driving experience. With this new model, Seat continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the industry, making a qualitative leap in design, technology and sustainability. While the Seat brand maintains its roots in innovation and practical design, the Cupra, its performance arm, brings a new, intense and passionate breath to the automotive world.

The new Seat Leon 2025 (Cupra Leon in certain regions), available in both the 5-door hatchback and the Sportstourer (combi), reinforces the brand's ambitions. With its new design language, the launch of a high-performance powertrain, the integration of next-generation eHybrid technology, greater digitalization and sustainability features, this model will take the brand to a new level in its segment. By combining elegant and dynamic design elements, the new Seat Leon exudes a strong presence on the road, captivating the eye and inspiring admiration. With flowing lines and aerodynamic contours, this is more than just an automobile - it's a statement of style and performance. And if the Seat brand remains synonymous with innovation and practical functionality, the Cupra adds an element of passion and speed to the equation. With its cutting-edge technology and powerful engines, the Cupra Leon offers a driving experience that awakens your senses and quickens your heart.

The exterior design of the new Seat Leon 2025 represents a true evolution in the brand's aesthetics and identity, captivating with an innovative mix of clean lines, aggressive elements and distinctive details. Every aspect of this model seems to be thought out to impress and provide a memorable visual experience. Looking at the front, it's impossible not to notice the strong impact of the new front design of the Seat Leon. The wide front grille, flanked by triangular LED headlights, exudes an air of power and determination, while the Seat logo placed in the center of the bonnet adds an element of subtle elegance. This combination of aggressiveness and refinement successfully defines the character of this model.

At the back, the design is equally impressive. The volumetric shape of the tailgate, combined with the fluid line that descends along the body, gives the car a dynamic and aerodynamic appearance. In addition, details such as the muscular bar and triangular LED taillights underline the attention to detail and passion for innovative design. Last but not least, the selection of colors and rims perfectly complements the aesthetic ensemble of the new Seat Leon. Seat offers customers nine models of 18 and 19 inch rims. From bold colors to the subtlest of matte shades, each option allows customers to customize their car to their individual preferences, adding an extra level of character and personality.

Colors available for the new Seat Leon 2025 are an integral part of the customization options offered to customers and the Alfa Rent a Car Cluj airport office shows you what they are and what they mean in the lines below:

  • Century Bronze Matt - an exclusive and sophisticated shade that adds a touch of sophistication and distinction.
  • Enceladus Gray Matt - a modern matte color that exudes elegance and sobriety.
  • Fiord Blue - a vibrant shade of blue that gives the car a dynamic and fresh look.
  • Midnight Black - a classic and elegant option, perfect for those who prefer a discreet and sober look.
  • Glacial White - a bright and clean white that highlights the aerodynamic lines of the car and provides a modern look.
  • Magnetic Tech - a modern and sophisticated shade of gray, suitable for those who appreciate an urban and refined design.
  • Graphene Gray - a dark and elegant gray that adds an air of mystery and sophistication to the car.
  • Taiga Gray - a dark and deep gray that gives the car a rugged and distinguished look.
  • Magnetic Tech Matt - a matte shade of Magnetic Tech grey, for a more sober and elegant look.

The exterior design of the new Seat Leon 2025 is one that not only impresses, but also inspires. With a balanced mix of aggression, elegance and innovation, this model demonstrates the Seat brand's continued commitment to design excellence and innovation in the automotive industry.

The interior design of the new Seat Leon 2025 is an ingenious combination of advanced technology, comfort and elegance, created to provide an exceptional driving experience. From the moment you step inside and see the Seat logo projected onto the floor, you are invited into a world of luxury and innovation. Seat's familiar steering wheel, equipped with round buttons, a standard equipment for versions with DSG automatic transmission, gives you perfect control and intuitive use. Sports or bucket seats provide the necessary comfort and support, while the digital architecture and updated materials make you feel like you are behind the wheel of an elite car.

The selection of materials is attentive to detail, highlighting the quality of the interior and adopting a sustainable approach. The dashboard surfaces feature a 3D parametric pattern that provides a pleasant tactile sensation, and the center console, designed with meticulous precision, highlights the attention to detail and improved quality of materials. Subtle copper accents amplify the elegance of the interior, adding an extra touch of style and sophistication.

The wide range of seats available for the new Seat Leon hatchback and Seat Leon combi adapts to the attitude and character of each driver, while integrating a sustainable approach in the choice of materials. Whether you opt for sports seats with textile upholstery or bucket seats with ecological leather or recycled microfiber, you will enjoy comfort and sustainability at the same time.

High fidelity audio system with Sennheiser. The new Seat Leon 2025 comes equipped with an optional high-fidelity audio system, developed in collaboration with the sound experts at Sennheiser Mobility. This advanced 12-speaker system provides an exceptional sound experience, complementing the driving experience and passenger comfort. With a power of 390 watts, the Alfa rent a Car airport Cluj company assures you that this audio system offers immersive acoustics, which immerses the driver and passengers in a unique sound journey. Integrated audio technology includes Sennheiser 's AMBEO Concerto software, which has the ability to distill fundamental components of music, such as different instruments and room information, and redistribute them throughout the car's cabin. This software delivers the pure and signature sound of the Sennheiser brand, known for its superior quality and rich history of providing reliable sound solutions for music professionals. The collaboration between Seat and Sennheiser to bring this high-performance audio system to the new Seat Leon is certainly commendable. A quality audio system can completely transform the driving experience and car journeys, providing passengers with a pleasant atmosphere and faithful sound reproduction. With advanced technology and impressive sound power, this system is an added attraction for music and in-car technology enthusiasts.

Digitization takes center stage in the driver's mind, with a new and improved HMI in the digital dashboard and in the infotainment system equipped with a 33 cm diagonal touchscreen. The user interface is simple and personalized, and the climate control integrated in the main screen gives you easy access to all the vehicle's functions and assistants, seamlessly blending digital and physical interactions. The interior design of the new Seat Leon 2025 is an example of innovation and attention to detail, providing an exceptional driving experience and strengthening the brand's position among the most prestigious car manufacturers.

The engines available for the new Seat Leon 2025 are varied and adapted to various customer preferences and needs. From petrol and diesel powertrains to plug-in hybrids, the comprehensive range offers options for every driver.

TSI engines (petrol)
Petrol engines remain a central pillar of the range of engines for the new Seat Leon, including new and high-performance options. All engines benefit from turbocharging and direct injection, offering outputs ranging from 150 hp to 333 hp to meet the demands of a high-performance vehicle. The range includes a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters, developing 15 0HP, available with a 6-speed manual transmission and suitable for both the hatchback and Sportstourer versions. On the performance scale, the Seat Leon hatchback also offers a variant with a 2.0-liter engine, developing 300 hp, with a 7-speed DSG transmission, sending power to the wheels via a lockable front differential ( VAQ ), ensuring increased control in power delivery.

The Seat Leon Sportstourer gets two unique engines. A 2.0-liter TSI engine with 204 hp and all-wheel drive ( 4Drive ) and DSG transmission. The most powerful variant is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo engine that develops 333 hp, offering impressive performance, being the most powerful Seat Leon version to date.

eTSI (mild hybrid) engines
Another option is the mild version hybrid ( eTSI ), which adds an additional level of efficiency to the vehicle. Available exclusively with a 1.5 liter and 150 HP petrol unit, in combination with the DSG transmission, the Alfa Rent a Car Cluj agency recommends this 48V mild hybrid system because it brings more efficiency and comfort, allowing the car to run with the engine off in certain situations and energy recovery during braking.

TDI (diesel) engine
Seat Leon also includes a diesel variant, important for certain markets and customers. The 2.0-liter TDI engine is mated to a 7-speed DSG gearbox and produces 150 hp, offering a solid alternative for those who prefer diesel engines.

eHybrid drive (plug-in hybrid)
With the new generation of plug-in hybrid powertrains, Seat proves once again that electrification and performance are a perfect combination. Seat Leon offers two eHybrid propulsion options: one with 204 HP and another with 272 HP. Both are equipped with the 1.5 TSI petrol engine, an electric motor and a larger battery, offering an electric range of over 100 km. The battery can be quickly charged to 50 kW on the road or at home using an 11 kW wall charger.

The variation and adaptability of the engines offered for the new Seat Leon 2025 are impressive. From conventional petrol and diesel options to hybrid and plug-in powertrains, the comprehensive range of powertrains meets diverse customer needs and demonstrates Seat's commitment to automotive innovation and performance.

The chassis of the new CUPRA Leon is a fundamental element in providing a superior driving experience, regardless of the version chosen. The advanced all-wheel drive technology 4Drive ensures precise distribution of power to the wheels, guaranteeing optimal traction and outstanding performance. This system constantly monitors road conditions and driving style to provide a progressive and rapid delivery of power to the required wheels, thus ensuring excellent stability and precise handling.

In addition, the new CUPRA Leon features an electric brake booster, which ensures fast and efficient responses, improving the active safety of the vehicle. The integration of this system into the chassis contributes to optimal weight distribution and reduced reaction time, which translates into excellent dynamic behavior and easy handling even in difficult conditions.

MQB Evo architecture, on which the new CUPRA Leon is built, offers a solid and flexible platform, allowing the integration of a wide range of technologies to optimize performance and dynamics. The suspension with springs and dampers tuned to optimize driving comfort and response is complemented by progressive steering, which ensures a direct connection between the driver and the road, amplifying the feeling of control and agility. We are impressed by the level of innovation and technology integrated into the chassis of the new CUPRA Leon. Appreciation for detail and dedication to perfection is reflected in every aspect of the driving experience, offering an outstanding balance of comfort, performance and driving pleasure.

The Alfa car rental office in Cluj-Napoca meets the needs of its customers with a wide range of rental cars, including two Seat Leon models with different specifications. For those who prefer a more classic driving experience, the office offers a 2016 Seat Leon Hatchback, equipped with a diesel engine and manual transmission. This model offers an excellent balance between fuel efficiency and performance, making it ideal for those who travel longer distances or those who appreciate the classic driving feel.

For those who appreciate modern technology and advanced comfort, the Alfa office also offers a Seat Leon Xcellence model 2020, equipped with a gasoline engine and automatic transmission. This model benefits from the latest innovations in comfort and safety, offering a pleasant and effortless driving experience. The automatic transmission adds extra comfort in city traffic and long journeys, and the modern design of the Xcellence completes the premium experience. Regardless of each customer's preferences, the Alfa rent a car Cluj office ensures that it has various models to satisfy all driving needs and preferences.

In conclusion, the new Seat Leon 2025 redefines the standards in the automotive segment through innovation, performance and avant-garde design. With a wide range of advanced technologies, engine options and safety and comfort features, this model promises to provide an exceptional driving experience for its customers. From its expressive exterior design and refined interior, to its modern powertrains and performance chassis, the 2025 Seat Leon demonstrates the brand's ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. With this model, Seat continues to strengthen its position in the automotive industry and offer its customers cars that inspire and impress.


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