Renault Scenic E-Tech: Style, Practicality and Performance in an Electric SUV

2024-06-08 02:25:11 Author: Alfa Rent a Car
Renault Scenic E-Tech: Style, Practicality and Performance in an Electric SUV

In today's article, the Alfa rent a car Cluj office will discuss the new Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 electric SUV. It was unveiled at the IAA Mobility 2023 Auto Show in Munich and is designed specifically for families, considering their need to travel free and safe with an increased awareness of sustainability. Fully electric and full of intuitive and useful technology, the new Renault Scenic E-Tech embodies the goals of the Renault Group as a new generation car manufacturer.

The story of the Renault Scenic began in 1996, when this compact multifunctional vehicle revolutionized the market. Its name, an acronym for Safety Concept Embodied in a New Innovative Car, suggests its innovative approach. As families' travel habits and aspirations have evolved over the years, Scenic has adapted to meet these changes.

Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 represents a major step in the evolution of this model, moving from the classic MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) design to a modern and elegant electric SUV. Competition in the electric SUV segment is fierce, with models such as the Skoda Enyaq, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Tesla Model Y and Peugeot E-3008, but the Scenic E-Tech manages to stand out with an attractive and innovative design. With a bold headlight and taillight design and a sophisticated front end, the new Scenic is eye-catching and promises to be a great choice for modern families.


The exterior design of the new Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 electric is innovative and captivating, creating a remarkable architecture that combines modern style with functionality. With a completely flat floor, large 19- or 20-inch wheels and an opacifying Solarbay panoramic roof, this electric SUV redefines space and comfort for contemporary families. Its unique proportions, with a length of 4.47m, a width of 1.86m and a height of 1.57m, ensure a spacious interior and undeniable comfort for all passengers. The extra height of the driver's seat provides increased visibility and safety, while rear passengers benefit from generous legroom and headroom comparable to the best models in the C-segment.

The visual identity of the Renault brand is redefined by the Nouvel'R logo and the new signature headlights. The logo is surrounded by a series of small overlapping diamonds that appear and disappear depending on the light and angle. These models blend perfectly with the headlights at the top of the grille, creating a spectacular high-tech effect. An impressive welcome sequence greets occupants as they approach the vehicle. On select versions, Adaptive Vision LED technology adjusts the light beam pattern according to driving conditions, and the animated indicators move outwards from the center.

At the rear, the high-tech taillights are arranged like two arrows pointing towards each other, giving the impression of widening the vehicle. Micro-optical technology brings them to life when on, but appear to float when off. Aerodynamic efficiency was a central concern throughout the design process. At the front, air curtains below the daytime running lights optimize airflow around the vehicle, while the sculpted rear end reduces aerodynamic drag with a character line on each side of the bumper.

The lightweight 20-inch wheels have a design that reduces the air intake space, thus further enhancing aerodynamics. The door handles of the new Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric are seamlessly integrated into the body, adding a modern look and smoothing the airflow.

The electric Renault Scenic E-Tech is available in six attractive body colors: Flame Red, Midnight Blue, Diamond Black, Shadow Gray Glossy, matte Shadow Gray (exclusive to the Alpine model) and Pearl White. Depending on the finish, the roof and door pillars can be finished in contrasting Diamond Black or Shadow Grey, adding a touch of elegance and style. The exterior design of the new Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 electric not only impresses with its modern aesthetics and advanced technology, but also with its special attention to aerodynamic efficiency and passenger comfort, making this electric SUV an excellent choice for families who want to travel in safety and style.

The interior design of the new Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 represents an impressive leap in terms of comfort and technology, being created to meet the needs of modern families. One of the elements that immediately attracted the attention of the Alfa rent a car Cluj airport office is the Solarbay panoramic roof, developed in partnership with Saint-Gobain. AmpliSky technology uses polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) to change the opacity of the glass in segments, providing unique versatility.

Renault is the first mass-market car manufacturer to offer a panoramic roof that can be completely or partially darkened in segments. Passengers and the driver can choose between four roof settings: fully transparent, fully opaque, transparent at the front and opaque at the back, or vice versa. This functionality allows rear passengers to adjust the brightness without affecting the comfort of those in front. Control is via a button located next to the overhead light or via voice commands with Google Assistant, adding a touch of innovation and refinement.

Not only does Solarbay minimize the greenhouse effect on hot days, it automatically dims when you leave the car and returns to its previous setting when you return. It saves space, offering 30mm more headroom than a conventional mechanical roof and is 6-8kg lighter. In addition, approximately 50% of glass is made from waste from plate and automotive glass production, and 90% of this can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.

The interior is full of ingenious storage spaces, totaling up to 38.7 liters in the entire cabin. These include the glove box (4 litres), door pockets (13.6 litres), an open storage space in the center console (6.6 litres) with two large cup holders (2 litres) and an under-armrest compartment (3.4 litres) which can move back and forth 70 mm. Below the center screen is a space for storage and wireless charging for phones, while pockets behind the front seats add another 2.4 liters each.

Rear passengers benefit from an ingenious armrest with two pivoting arms, 3.6 liters of storage space for phones and tablets, foldable supports for viewing screens comfortably, two cup holders and two USB-C ports. A hidden hatch allows long items to be transported without folding the rear seat, providing access to the 545-litre boot, which expands to 1670 liters with the rear seatbacks folded down. Light and elegant materials contribute to the feeling of space inside, and the Iconic model includes FSC-certified lime wood finishes for the dash and door panels. Depending on the trim level, the 'relax' mode automatically adjusts the power seat to a preset favorite position and can even offer massage functions to help the driver relax.

The OpenR Link multimedia system with integrated Google, running on Android Automotive OS 12, provides access to over 50 apps available on Google Play, from family games to trip planning, to maximize time spent in the car. Access to the system is via a horizontal screen with a diagonal of 32 cm on the dashboard, joined in an L shape by a vertical screen that has the same diagonal of 32 cm in the middle of the console. The on-board display shows the speed in a 28-degree diagonal line, reminiscent of Renault's diamond logo, changing color in sync with the car's speed and showing the battery range and selected driving mode. Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 offers a blend of advanced technology, comfort and elegant design, ensuring a pleasant and practical driving experience for the whole family.

Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 comes with two electric motor options, thus offering flexibility and performance adapted to the different needs of customers. The first option is a 60 kWh battery, combined with a 170 HP electric motor, which provides a declared range of up to 420 km. This configuration is only available for the base trim level, making it a suitable choice for those who want an affordable and efficient electric vehicle.

For those who want more power and autonomy, the Alfa rent a car airport Cluj Napoca Avram Iancu agency recommends the model that offers an 87 kWh battery and a 220 HP electric motor. This configuration is available for all three trim levels and promises a range of up to 610 km. However, in real conditions of use, the Alfa rent a car Cluj Napoca company found that the energy efficiency is approximately 20 kWh per 100 km, which would result in a practical autonomy of approximately 435 km.

When it comes time to recharge, the Renault Scenic E-Tech does well. The large battery model can support fast charging up to 150 kW, while the smaller battery model can support up to 130 kW. This allows both models to charge from 15% to 80% in just over half an hour. As for AC charging, the Scenic E-Tech can handle up to 22kW, which is great, although such chargers are rare. Most home chargers have a capacity of 7.4 kW, which means that the small battery charges from 0% to 100% in over nine hours, and the large battery in almost 13 hours. Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 offers engine options that combine efficiency and performance, adapting to the varied needs of users. Regardless of the choice, users will benefit from advanced technology and an environmentally friendly driving experience.

What is it like to drive the new Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024? In the city: Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 excels in the urban environment thanks to its quiet and fast electric motors. It's comfortable on big bumps, but the brakes are hard to meter and rear visibility is limited. Parking sensors and a 360-degree camera help with parking maneuvers.

On the freeway: At high speeds, it offers reasonable comfort, although the seats are not as supportive and there is more pronounced wind and road noise. Adaptive cruise control and blind spot warning are helpful and standard on all models.

On winding roads: Handling on winding roads is more difficult due to inconsistent brakes and steering. For a sporty driving experience, other models like the Tesla Model Y or the Ford Mustang Mach-e are more suitable. So Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 is ideal for the city and highway, offering comfort and assistance technology, but less suitable for sporty driving.

Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric 2024 is available in Romania in three versions: Evolution, Techno and Esprit Alpine. Prices start at €39,900 for the Evolution variant, rising to €45,500 for the Techno and reaching €47,500 for the Esprit Alpine. Each variant offers specific equipment and options, adapted to the different needs and preferences of customers.

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In conclusion, the Alfa rent a car Cluj office believes that the new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric SUV stands out as a stylish and practical option in the competitive electric SUV market. Its stylish exterior design and spacious interior with plenty of storage make it attractive for families. Its infotainment system is easy to use, although the quality of interior materials can vary. On the road, the Scenic offers a comfortable ride over bumps, but is less impressive in dynamics, with inconsistent steering and brakes. However, it stands out in the urban environment thanks to its quiet and powerful electric motors. With competitive pricing and reasonable range options, the Scenic is an attractive option for those who value practicality and value in an electric vehicle.


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