5 things you should NOT do with a rental car

2023-11-05 10:05:31 Author: Alfa Rent a Car
5 things you should NOT do with a rental car

When you decide to use a Rent a Car Cluj service, you must consider that there are certain things that you should not do. No matter how much you want or how much you need, it would be preferable not to break the rules imposed by the company you rented from.
Here is a list of 5 things you should avoid in a rented car:

1. Smoking in the car

Smoking in the car is usually included in the regulations as "No way!". Most companies that offer car rental services mention this aspect. Concretely, it is recommended to avoid this habit in the car because the smoke easily soaks into the upholstery. No matter how much air freshener is used, it will never cover the smell of tobacco in the car. Moreover, a professional cleaning can be very expensive.

2. Transport of animals

Although this prohibition may sound a little cruel, just like in the case of smoking in the car, it is recommended that animals are not transported in the rented car. Make sure you have someone to leave the pet with in order to comply with the rules provided by the company you rented from.

3. Car rental by an anonymous person

Under no circumstances can you expect a rental company to provide its services to an unidentified person. Full name and verified information are required for all procedures. So, if you are thinking of taking the plunge with a rental car, think twice, there is no doubt that you will not receive any car as an anonymous customer.

4. Food in the rental car

We are not inhumane, we do not say that you should not eat in the car at all, but we can recommend that you do it very carefully! Firmits from a snack or stains from sauces are not always easy to clean. As for a more plentiful meal, it would be preferable to pull to the right and find another place to dine.

5. You cannot teach anyone to drive using a rental car

It may sound crazy, but there are cases where the rental car was used to give driving lessons. Alfa Rent A Car recommends you not to do this. You must take into account that in case of an accident, the costs will not be covered by the company.


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