12 places to explore in Transylvania. Where do you go on vacation?

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12 places to explore in Transylvania. Where do you go on vacation?

We start from Cluj Napoca to discover the secrets of Transylvania!

Can we tempt you with a trip through Transylvania? We found 12 places to explore designed to revive your spirit. At the same time, get rid of worries, stress and in optimal conditions, even depression. Traveling can be a great remedy for tiring periods at work. You need a break from the monotony and you can do it easier than you think. Talk to your loved ones and plan a trip to Pomina, which you will remember for years and years to come.

Why 12 places to explore in Transylvania for an unforgettable vacation? I wanted an even number that would convey a positive message. Besides, we are sure that we will write about other cool places in this region of Romania. As we travel through Transylvania, we manage to come face to face with surprising tourist gifts. They honor us. We live in a wonderful country, but unfortunately, we often forget this.

We know that we may have forgotten some places compared to those present in the small top 12, which you will find below. We hope that you will discover new or at least interesting places. The selection was random but based on personal experiences and tourist intuition. After so many trips through Transylvania, I had the pleasure of discovering incredible places and stories. The people were not inferior either. Hospitality, sincere and welcoming, the people of Transylvania welcomed us with stories and beautiful words. Are you ready to discover 12 cool places in Transylvania?


12 places to explore in Transylvania: superlative urban and rural!

I. "Alexandru Borza" Botanical Garden
The city of Cluj Napoca is known for the presence of some truly special tourist attractions, which awaken nostalgia and passions of travelers. Among them is the botanical garden "Alexandru Borza", a green oasis with a lot of serenity in the heart of the city of Cluj Napoca. Every time you walk through the garden, you feel how each step gives birth to tranquility and peace. You will be surrounded by trees, shrubs, flowers and enchanting plants, which will not upset you, but delight you! It's no wonder that so many people from Cluj often pass through the botanical garden.
If you arrive or live in Cluj Napoca, enjoy the botanical garden. You love every moment spent in this green room. We invite you to stop by the Japanese garden and take some pictures in the tea room. It is located on a small lake, arranged in Japanese style. Another place in the garden, which is worth seeing, is the Water Tower. It can be climbed to admire the garden from above. The last time we visited the Tower, we came across some bees that "urged" us to stay at a distance.

II. The village of Viscri and unforgettable rural stories
In Romania, the villages are accompanied by stories with talcum powder and historical anchors that are difficult to honor. Through a combination of complementary factors and publicity made by Prince Charles, the village of Viscri has reached the tourist spotlight. In the Romanian and international tourist community, Viscri is a well-known name, which is not surprising. Why do so many people come to Viscri? What is the secret of this place's success?
Authenticity. History. Rural spirit. Viscri is a historical moment preserved in time and properly protected by the authorities. Tourists have at their disposal a good road to Viscri, but the interior of the village is full of authentic rural characteristics. You will not find asphalt, but earth and stone. Respect the spirit of the village and take the car to the parking lot intended for tourists. This is how you contribute to the reduction of vibrations that could affect the integrity of buildings. From the parking lot to the fortified Viscri Church, you will find a green path among the gardens, specially arranged, which is worth taking. We loved this option!
You will appreciate every moment spent in Viscri. Why? The urban pulse does not take place in this village. In fact, it is not welcome. Time sits on a pile of historical treasures, worthy of a good shake by tourists. Discover the optimal story for you, in a unique setting!

III and IV. Lake Ursu and the Sovata resort
A happy 2 in 1! If the time is generous, then the tourist options can come in a cascade. They make life more beautiful. Have you visited the Sovata resort? If not, then it's time for an extremely interesting first date. If yes, then get ready for an exciting goodbye. Sovata is known in Romania and Eastern Europe for hosting Lake Ursu. This is the largest heliothermal lake in the whole world! Do you know the date of formation of the lake? May 27, 11:00 a.m., year 1875. Until this date, in place of the lake there was a pasture, where rivers flowed, which drained into a hole, which led to the salt heart of the earth.
Sovata and Lacul Ursu are two unique places in the world, which do not receive as much publicity in the country, at least as much as we think they deserve. First of all, Ursu Lake has the highest salt concentration on Earth! Yes, you read that right! The surface water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius and at a depth of 1.5 meters 41 degrees Celsius. Water has special properties for human health, which is why Sovata is a spa resort.

V. Sibiu
City break in Sibiu! how does it sound Very good. Sibiu is the kind of city you never get bored of. You can visit it often and with different people, and it's as if you feel how each visit comes to life in a special way. Walking through the city is special. Wherever you go through the center of Sibiu, you find a vestige of urban beauty, carefully cared for. Cobbled streets and old buildings make people explore and feel good.
What can you visit in Sibiu? Among the most important tourist attractions of the city are the ASTRA Museum, the Sibiu zoo, the Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park, the Brukenthal Palace, the historic center, the Council Tower, the Pharmacy Museum, the Archebusters' Tower, the Carpenters' Tower and the Museum of Natural History. In the city you will find many interesting restaurants and cafes. Transylvanian chefs are creative and talented. They can transform simple ingredients into very special culinary experiences. Take advantage of them!

VI. Sighisoara
The feudal city with stories on every street, Sighisoara, awaits its travels. Surprising every year, the medieval fortress of Sighisoara enchants tourists with its unique spirit that is difficult to reproduce in other locations. The accommodations in the city are phenomenal and so is the food! You will not be bored, especially if romantic blood flows in your veins. Visit the old center in peace and take your time. The tour of Sighisoara is done on foot and quietly. Admire the Clock Tower and if it is open, enter it. From above, you have access to a wonderful view of the fortress. The interior of the fortress is admirable!
Visit the Church of Deal (St. Nicholas) with confidence and "conquer" the covered staircase. As a rule, Sighisoara is the ideal place for all kinds of festivals. If you want to participate, carefully follow the news from the city and choose one that will delight you. Let's not forget the other towers of the fortress. The Blacksmiths' Tower, the Blacksmiths' Tower and the Butchers' Tower deserve to be included in your Sighisoara itinerary.

ARE YOU COMING. Rupea Fortress
Romania is dotted with beautiful fortresses, which manage to attract the attention of Romanian and international tourists. One of the most interesting is Rupea, located near the village of Viscri. You can include them in a day of tourist experiences with a historical pulse. Attested in 1324, the fortress has become an important tourist spot, especially after the recent renovation in 2013.
The renovations succeeded in creating a special place, dedicated to people who love history. The fortress has passed through the sword of history many times but managed to keep its spirit alive. Explore the ruins and discover the secrets of the fortress!

VIII. Turda Salt Mine
When was the last time you went to the Turda salt pan? It is located only 30 kilometers from the city of Cluj Napoca and is often visited by the people of Cluj and not only. Romanians from all over the country come to Turda to step into a unique place, described in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels. Do you remember the Moira mines? Descend a few hundred meters underground and step into an incredible world, where salt becomes a benevolent guide. Dress well because it is not hot in the salt flats. The average temperature is 10 degrees Celsius.
Besides the unique fact that you enter a salt pan located hundreds of meters underground, you also benefit from a free treatment: the salty air is healthy for the respiratory system. Salina Turda has a leisure base, where you will find a sports field, an amphitheater, an interesting museum, a playground for little ones and a natural lake. Superb!

IX. Alba Carolina Fortress from Alba Iulia
Alba Iulia is the city of Unirii but also the place where the Alba Carolina Citadel is located. The fortress, built between 1715 and 1738, deserves to be in your interest. It was built on the Citadel Hill, to increase military efforts against the Ottoman Empire. Also, the fortress was considered a bastion of Habsburg power in Europe. The location was ideal for a military fortress because in the past, the Roman Fort of the 13th Gemina Legion (year 106) and the Balgrad Medieval Fortress (16th - 17th centuries) were built here.
The Alba Carolina fortress is enchanting. We recommend that you allow two or three hours to explore the fortress. If you can, call a guide to discover the story of the Citadel as it is told!

X. Targu Mures
One of the most beautiful Romanian cities is Targu Mures. Located in the historical center of Transylvania, the city surprises travelers with its western vibe. Start your adventure from Piata Trandafirilor. Discover a varied range of historical buildings, built in various architectural styles: baroque, neoclassical and secessionist.
Do you love animals? Visit the Targu Mures zoo, where you can admire numerous animals, brought from various corners of the world. I'm not done with the fortresses. Not nearly. The Targu Mures fortress is a place recently discovered by tourists who love city breaks. It represents a complex of ruins, completed by the Reformed Church, which you must visit.
Other interesting tourist attractions in Targu Mures are the Palace of Culture, the Teleki-Bolyai Library, the Apollo Palace and the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art. The most beautiful stories from Targu Mures are at your disposal. You just have to have the courage to follow their historical, cultural and artistic whispers.

XI. The Fortified Church of Biertan
In the county of Sibiu, you will find the fortified evangelical church of Biertan. It was built in the 12th century and attracts the attention of travelers who want to explore Tanzania. Inside the fortified perimeter is the evangelical church, three towers, a gate tower bastion, the gatekeeper's house and another tower with a gate tower. The belt of fortifications is so imposing that it draws your attention almost instantly. We saw it from the car, towering above the village of Biertan, then we enthusiastically headed towards its walls.

XII. Tusnad baths
Baile Tusnad is a popular location in Transylvania, especially for those who want to have therapeutic treatments. The town is very small. It hosts almost 2000 souls but its essence is producing tourism. Its unique location makes Baile Tusnad a place you must visit.
This balneo-climatic resort is recognized for the treatments that can treat cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and endocrine disorders. Visitors have access to a number of procedures. Among the popular treatment procedures are Cos baths, special massages, magnetotherapy, field cure, internal cure with mineral waters, ionization, herbal baths and many others.


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